Computer Price List

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                                 Computer Price List

Computer Set Up

>   Full computer set up (out of the box)  $175.00

>   Full computer set up and file transfer from old computer  $250.00

>   Full computer set up and file transfer from old computer, including removing promotional software from new computer starting at $275.00


>   Wired Network $100.00 per computer

>   Wireless Network $100.00 per computer

Hardware/Software Installation

>   Software installation  $60.00 per program

>   Printer install and setup  $75.00

>   Other hardware installation (digital camera, ext. drive, etc)  $60.00/e

Maintenance and Other Services

>   Regular computer maintenance items (disk clean, defrag, etc.) $60.00

>   All other services and training $40.00 per hour

Basic Hourly Rate

>   $40.00 per hour

>   Free quotes on request

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**Note**Prices do NOT include any hardware, cables and/or software and could vary depending on conditions